Mölndal, Sweden, 31-jan-2024

Nyctea Technologies Enters Research Collaboration with AstraZeneca to Enhance Biopharmaceutical Purification


The collaboration leverages Nyctea's unique expertise and its proprietary Nyctea® platform technology to improve the purification process for a drug compound that AstraZeneca is developing within its Research and Development program.


Under the collaboration, Nyctea Technologies will apply its proprietary Nyctea® platform for improving purification of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). The Nyctea® platform stands out from traditional methods by employing a novel material and electrochemistry to purify biopharmaceuticals. This innovative approach boosts production efficiency by increasing the yield and reducing manufacturing time. It also eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and offers a significant reduction in water use, thereby reducing the environmental footprint.


Nyctea was recently incorporated into the AstraZeneca BioVentureHub located inside AstraZeneca’s R&D site in Gothenburg Sweden. The BioVentureHub is a non-for-profit innovation hub for exploration of new technology and science that welcomes SMEs to co-locate inside AstraZeneca's R&D site and provides access to industry domain expertise and infrastructure. The selection criteria for BioVentureHub companies focus on potential synergies between the hub companies and AstraZeneca, and the research collaboration confirms a complementary fit with mutual benefits in strategic objectives. 


Gustav Ferrand-Drake del Castillo, CEO of Nyctea Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to collaborate with AstraZeneca to enhance their purification workflow. Our unique technology paves the way for exciting new downstream processing opportunities. By combining our expertise with AstraZeneca extensive knowledge, we aim to achieve leap improvements in efficient and sustainable manufacturing of advanced biopharmaceuticals. Our move to the BioVentureHub has catalyzed the collaboration and it will greatly facilitate delivery of results.”


About Nyctea Technologies AB

Founded in 2020, Nyctea Technologies AB is a privately held biotech company on a mission to pioneer sustainable and cost-effective biopharmaceutical manufacturing. A key to succeeding is to improve the purification process which today accounts for 50-80% of the manufacturing cost. Our proprietary Nyctea® platform for purification of biomolecules using electrochemistry enables lower cost of goods thanks to increased yield and reduced production times. Furthermore, we eliminate use of harmful chemicals and reduce water consumption leading to lower environmental footprint of the manufacturing process. We help our customers to do more with less and are on constant pursuit to improve. Collaboration with industry leaders underscores our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions on a global scale.


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